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WINNERS # 6,7 & 8!

Time for an update!

Apologies for the news blackout from Dickin HQ - just not been enough hours in the day lately!

Despite being thoroughly hacked off with the weather ( we are SO over winter now), the team here are buzzing after a great few days.

Everything has been running well, but we have been hitting the cross bar a fair bit, which is frustrating .

None more frustrating than the Bangor Fiasco!

Oneida Tribes' race has been well documented so I won't go on about it for too long here, suffice to say that a botched call from the photo finish, and a very dubious stewards enquiry has been the subject of much discussion and legal advice.

An appeal was very much on the cards, but having had to eat humble pie over the photo, it was pretty unlikley that we were going to make the powers that be eat another slice! A moral victory for the horse & owners Andrew & Jane Nicholls, but safe to say we are all still left with a pretty nasty taste about it all.

The whole thing did not do our sport any favours, and the general inefficiency of how it was dealt with from above has not instilled any confidence in the system that runs racing.

However we have had to move on and put that one down to experience!

The last three runners have put a smile on a lot of faces!

Vocaliser headed off to Taunton last Saturday on ground that would not be ideal, but a valuable race & only four runners could not be missed. Sadly The Songsters were very thin on the ground at the track - but I am confident there was much cheering going on around the country as Vocaliser (BTO for HarrietT) jumped for fun under Charlie, and got the job done in a very business like fashion! We have always thought a lot of this horse, but its not been a straightforward journey with him, so its great that his very patient band of owners are now reaping the rewards of that patience. 2121 over fences is not to be sneezed at. Up 4lbs for the win, he bounced out of the race and hopefully will back in that #1 spot again!

Dontminddboys was our next runner at Leicester yesterday. He came in from the field with a big bruise on a hind leg the evening before, and Poppy & Darren were up for much of the night with ice packs to get rid of the swelling.

Their dedication paid off, as all fine by the morning, and the handsome grey was able to head off with his next door neighbour Tara Well.

EPDS supporters out in force and happily able to cheer 'Caspar' up the run in for a hard fought victory. Given a great ride by Jack Quinlan, he is another that will appreciate some better ground, but showed great courage to fight off a late charge from the placed horses. He is the model of consistency & great for him to follow up his previous Leicester victory.

Tara Well is another who has been running very well in defeat, with form figures of 4223. Not in the slightest worried about the ground for her (wetter the better!), but thought we were beaten going to the last. Tara, however had other ideas and battled on to get her head in front and win by a couple of lengths going away! Well done to our conditional James Nixon who was riding his first winner for us - first of many we hope! 

A gamer little character would not be found & Tara certainly deserved this victory. Particularly well done to her dedicated lass Harriet T, who nursed her through 6 months of cross-tie after her pelvis fracture and who was as emotional as her owner after the race! 

Both horses fine today.

No BTOs at Leicester - still to mean to do any!

Our last three runners - three winners! Not too shabby!

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