Friday, 07 April 2017 12:20

Winner # 16

An added extra entry to the blog this week, with WINNER number 16 of the season yesterday.

I think it fair to say that The Park Lane Partnership have had their patience tested by Bally Lagan, who has always seems to manage to be the bridesmaid and not the bride!

Lots of placed efforts, but only one number one in front of his name until this season, but a tweak to his wind has made a huge difference and we suddenly have the horse we always thought was there, but that could never quite see out his races.

Not feeling over confident yesterday after a 6 lb hike in the weights - just hope the handicapper was not watching too closely yesterday!

Jack has certainly struck up a great partnership with Bally and always looked supremely confident. He travelled well and gave a display of jumping, and after being sent to the front three out won tidily by 10 lengths.

A noisy bunch of Park Laners were there to cherish the moment of a third win in a row, and Anna Lisa gave a great interview to Bob Chapman!

Plenty of noise also being made at various other venues around the country, including bookies in London & bars at Aintree where other Park Laners made spectacles of themselves cheering him home! Brilliant, just wish we had film of everyone watching the race, although glad that there is no film from here!! 

Bally well pleased with himself today, shouting for his breakfast at 5.30 this morning and out for a brag with a mate, telling him just how clever he is!

BTO for Ceris too, so a clean sweep for the team!

16...... and counting!



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