Wednesday, 02 August 2017 09:55

Big News!

We promised some upcoming big news on the last blog, and are now able to let you know whats going on up here at Alne Park.

Those of you that have been to visit us here will know that the yard is split into two parts, Alne Park & Hill Farm. This arrangement has its advantages & challenges. Logistically its been a challenge having the team at two ends of the farm, and has involved a lot of whizzing up and down the drive, and making sure visitors don't end up in the wrong yard to see their horses!

Partly from necessity, and partly by design, its been decided that Hill Farm will be developed and we will move everyone to that end of the farm.

Its an exciting project that is already underway, and will mean much easier working conditions for the team, with equally good - if not better - facilities for the horses.

A new barn is going up, the old dutch barn has come down (and is going up again!), the base for an additional walker is going in, and eventually all of the team will be living onsite at Hill Farm.

Most excitingly we will also be putting in a new hill gallop to the left of the drive which will be an enormous improvement to our already excellent facilities.

The top of the farm is changing hands (hence the necessity) but by design the changes will be a great step forward for Team Dickin.

Happily no more up and down the drive, and you will all know where to find us when you get here!

We will keep you updated with the progress, but we are hoping to have everything in the yard up and running in the autumn.

Don't forget its Open Morning again this Saturday, so come along and see the 'building site' and hear about all of the new developments.




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