Thursday, 15 February 2018 07:17

Winner #11 Justice is Served

Winner  #11 for the team yesterday!

Oneida Tribe was technically winning his second race of the season although on paper it shows up as the first.

The debacle that was Bangor a few weeks ago is something the Bangor stewards should be ashamed of.

Photo called a dead heat - (later revised to a winner for OT), only to be then disqualified for some imaginary interference.

An inquiry into the inquiry, then conducted at a flat meeting with none of the trainers or jockeys involved present!

Class! But there are times when you just know the establishment is going to stick together and however much time, effort & money is spent on an appeal they were not going to back down twice!

A morale victory only, and back to the fray yesterday for 'Big Ian'. Blinkers on for the first time saw him a bit keen early on, but given a great ride by Adrian Heskin, and jumping very well. Andrew & Jane Nicholls' giant bay powered clear up the infamous Towcester hill.

Sadly Andrew & Jane not able to be at Towcester, but enjoying the win from afar.

Some Finish (BTO for Lauren) not enjoying the awful conditions yesterday, and his jumping rather falling apart in the desperate ground. Oneida Tribe had gone very wide to fine the best of the ground, but as SF has a tendency to jump right the same tactics could not be applied and Jack reported that his mistakes were purely from landing knee deep in a bog. Jack quite rightly pulled him up after three out - there will be another day on better ground.

Both horses fine this morning, and the team heading off to Leicester with Timons Tara & Bally Lagan. A grey day out, but a strange yellow ball has just appeared in the sky so hopefully no more rain for a while.