Friday, 17 May 2019 08:05

17th May

Another day , another sale! Ireland this time for the stores at Tattersalls. Darren & I flew over on Monday and spent a long and somewhat frustrating day looking at some lovely & some not so lovely three year olds.

We were under bidders on four which was maddening, but always interesting to be there, lots of familiar faces to catch up with.

Back at it again at Doncaster next week!

The colts that came from the breeze ups are now no longer colts! The deed was done yesterday which will make life a lot easier for them - especially the one who thought he knew what it was all for!!

Four runners at Southwell on Tuesday all running well below par. Immediate after race scopes not good, but all clear yesterday & bloods fine too. Its been a season of mystery with horses appearing well at home - all tests clear but running disappointingly. Virtually everything is now going to have a holiday to try and put to bed whatever is ailing them. Plenty of grass this year, although very chilly this morning, and six weeks in the field should see everyone back on track.

The team busy power washing & disinfecting everything, washing rugs and getting all the usual summer jobs out of the way, then some down time for them too.


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