Friday, 03 January 2020 07:24

New Year

Its been a pretty quiet Festive period on the runners front at Hill Farm. The horses had not been running particularly well, and although all tests came back negative they were not seeing their races out over the last couple of furlongs. All scopes/trach washes/ etc etc clear and very frustrating for all concerned. Then just before Christmas we started to get a few anomalies in the white cell counts which suggested a 'post challenge'picture. the challenge most likely some sort of virus. annoyingly you mostly do not get a change in the cell counts at the time of the challenge so unless it causes sore throats or snot or temperatures you have no way - apart from bad results - to know what is going on! 

After Taunton with Galactic Power, who always finishes off his races well and didn't - we decided that enough was enough and to not have any runners for a couple of weeks. Everything stayed in work, but no actual galloping just cantering away to keep everyone ticking over, and closely monitoring the bloods.

This weeks results much better, and time to kick on again, with hopefully some improved performances. All the horses look really well, and are of course fresh from an easy time - a few neck straps in regular use!!

As a consequence of no runners the team managed to have a relatively restful festive period, and everyone having either Christmas day or New Years Day off, and apart from John who hails from Co Tipperary, all got home or to where they wanted to be over the holiday period. (John is having a belated Christmas at home in a couple of weeks.) A big thank you to everyone for rocking up with a smile (it could have been a grimace!!)over the holiday. 

Into a new decade - hard to think where the last ten years have gone so quickly - we saw the new year in at home, and I'm still cleaning vodka jelly off the kitchen ceiling!

A few very welcome days with no rain spoilt last night with a heavy storm, and some raindrops back on the forecast for next week - at least time to dry the waterproofs out! Its been a very testing few months one way and another so hoping for a positive start to 2020.

As always thank you for everyones unending support & encouragement and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR from us all at Hill Farm.

First Saturday of the month this week & I have it on good authority that the cakes are in the oven! See you at open Morning!





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