Thursday, 19 March 2020 08:15

Thursday19th March

These are extraordinary times that we are currently living in, and also very worrying.

Currently we are all well at Hill Farm, and although not self isolating, we are very much keeping ourselves to ourselves. Just for the moment we have asked that we don't have any visitors, except the essentials of vet, farrier feedman etc! Very important to try & keep the team safe.

The horses are all well & our current plan is to keep them ticking along for a couple of weeks until we at least get a clearer idea where the virus is heading. All of our flu jabs were due in April so we have decided to bring them forward a couple of weeks to get them out of the way, whilst the horses can have an easy week post jab. At least we won't have to stop again once racing resumes.

Interesting that Ireland have decided to keep racing, even though its one meeting a day & behind closed doors. We can but hope that it works well, and that we will be able to consider the same measures before too long. I believe that the pointing continues too. No overseas runners though so thoughts of nipping over with a few scuppered!

The premature end of this season does not fill us with any sadness, as its been testing few months for us up here at Hill Farm. a bug through the string at the key part of the season dashed many hopes for the year, and although all well again, an outbreak of seconds has been very frustrating. 

We have said good bye to some key owners, with the death of Mrs Merry & of course Cliff Beach last year. Losing people like this who have been part of the team for so long has a big impact on the business. 

We have nearly finished resurfacing the resurfaced new gallop! Having spent weeks & plenty of ££ working on it last summer, the exceptional weather proved too much for it and we have struggled with wet patches, which have kept changing places. Having put in new drains/new surface etc etc, Nic took the massive decision to rip the whole lot up & go again with carpet, and also to do it in February! we now can be seen from space & look as if we have the biggest outbreak of giant moles ever seen! BUT its nearly done! Having not been able to haul away the old stuff its all piled on the side to be dealt with if it ever dries up! (hence the giant mole hills!) hoping to be finished by next week at the latest, weather allowing, and once we are racing again will have a fantastic gallop.

Dan Allbutt doing sterling work in doing a great job under very difficult circumstances. 

Now to get all the jobs done outside that we have not had time to do all winter. Its a bit early in the season for some of it, but the team being amazing and keeping a cheerful face on during an extremely stressful & worrying time.

The implications for the business are very serious, but so many are in the same boat, and we all just have to try & keep the boats from sinking.

Apart from the virus its horrific to see the mindset of the idiots who are panic buying, it makes you ashamed to be part of the same species - none of that at Hill Farm & the team just getting on with things at the moment.

Here is hoping that everyone stays well, and that we will all be able to resume normal service as soon as possible.

Stay safe & keep in touch - it'll help stave off any cabin fever!












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