Tuesday, 14 April 2020 08:21

April 15th

Another week into lockdown, and I can't realistically see that changing anytime soon. Tough for many but apart from only two to ride not much change in the routine up here.

The gallop is finally finished - all we need now are some horses to ride on it! The mole hills of old surface still piled up & waiting to be cleared, which we can hopefully do before it starts to rain again.

Unbelievably dry now, thank goodness we got all of the rolling done before it went rock hard, and the only comfort at having no runners is that it would have been too firm to run them anyway!

Not really a lot to report from Hill Farm this week, Robin a bit under the weather but the Docs think not the dreaded lurgy thank goodness. The rest of us all OK so far, although when we get out of here there is a fair chance we will emerge as a bunch of fat alcoholics! 

Having said that we are pretty busy, Harriet T & Frankie are pressure washing (horrible job!), the rest of us are fencing, clearing up after the installation of the new gallop surface & generally catching up on a lot of jobs. The housework pledge went out of the window last week once the temperature got up - far too nice to be inside. the weekend was then freezing cold, so a spot of hoovering suddenly looked a bit more attractive!

We now have a veggie patch & raised beds with veg in too, so hopefully not too many night frosts to kill off future dinners!!

The horses are all out with the exception of a couple nursing injuries, and a couple in work. They all look very well and relaxed out, even though there is not an abundance of grass. some rain forecast at the w/e, which would be welcome to get the green going!

We do feel very lucky to be up here and away from it all as much as we possibly can. I cant quite understand these folks flouting the rules about going out - I wouldn't go anywhere unless I had to! We have had an out break of walkers & joggers - some fine, some definitely not fine. Loose dogs, and people walking off the footpath does not fill us with joy - especially when you get sworn at for asking them to put the dog on the lead!!  They will be sorry when Mr Palmtree chases them!

Graham here for a visit today, first time for a few weeks and quite a long list of bits and pieces to do - very weird just having to leave him to it and work from a list!One of the mares has been cavorting around, and looking very not in foal, so a check needed there - happily a live foal present and correct, so something to look forward to! Timons Tara due anytime but no bag to speak of yet so still here for the moment. 

As always we hope you are all well, covid free & keeping occupied. 

Sadly we hear that John O'Neill (Point of Attack & Just 4 Fun partnerships) is in hospital & we send him our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Stay safe & hope to see you soon

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