Friday, 23 May 2014 00:00

A big space to fill

Sad news this week, as we had to have poor Toby pony put down after 20 years of devoted service to us and the horses. Everyone knows Toby, from owners to the horses and most of the racing community and I hate to think how many miles he covered whilst on duty keeping some of the 'silly billies' company on the lorry and at the races - or how many different tracks he visited!

Toby arrive 20 years ago from Martin Charles who had bought him for his children, to live with a horse that 'box galloped' (a step on from box walking!) and then despite a couple of interludes to teach a few children to ride has never been far away. Our most valued member of staff and a great (sometimes stroppy) character he and Harriets' old pony Trendy have lived like an old married couple for years now - devoted to each other and basically free range here at Alne Park - they were always back in time for tea!

Having been in rude health poor Toby had what we think was as stroke last week, and despite our best efforts we had to make the sad decision  to put him to sleep. The end of an era - the search now begins to find someone to step into his tiny shoes - a big space to fill.

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