Wednesday, 02 July 2014 00:00

July 2nd

Back to the very early morning shifts this week (as opposed to the just early one!) as the horse flies have recovered from their near drowning on Friday and are back with avengance. Everything in in the day now as they were being driven nuts by the horrible little creatures, and then happy to be turned out in the cool in the evenings.

We have a new member of the team as our farrier Arlo who has been with us for several years has moved to Dorset, and Charlie Sands who has been Arlo's cover has taken over the shoeing full time. We welcome Charlie and his team - and have requested winning plates only!

The boys were busy yesterday as everything had at least front shoes on, in readiness to make a start on the walking. They will have a few days going on the walker as they start this years fitness campaign. The horses have all done very well with all the grass this year, and there are  several who will be working hard to get their figures back!

The only other bonus of 5am is that is so beautiful up here at that time - 'mist in the hollow fine day to follow' is ceratinly true and it was stunning this morning.

Very warm at Stratford races last night - and Spurned Girl running a decent race. Much improved on last time, after a little adjustment to her wind, she jumps very well, and now looks to be really enjoying her racing. Once she gets a handicap mark she should go close. ground fast enough but with a good grass cover, and happily SG fine this morning.




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