Monday, 09 March 2015 10:37

Cheltenham week!

Cheltenham here we come!

 Have just endured a nervous couple of hours watching the numbers go round to see if Thomas Crapper would get into the last race tomorrow  - it went to the wire as we were last in, so there are not to many finger nails left! Roger Bravington here to endure the pain with us, and has now gone home to lie down in a darkened room before tomorrow!

 Obviously a huge ask, but he has every right to be there and seems in great form at home.

 Nervous does not even begin to describe how we all feel now, but thing that really matters is a safe round.

 It will be more of the same on Wednesday as Garrahalish will be declared for the Fulke Walwyn Amateur race on Thursday. John Mathias came to have a sit on gorgeous Gary today, (loved him!) and will ride him if we get a run.

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