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Monday 16th Jan

Damp & very gloomy here today - still pretty dark when first lot pulled out.

The horses having a rare day in yesterday as it was much the same, and they really don't enjoy standing around in the rain! We turn out everyday except if its frozen or pouring down, but this time of the year a quick scoot around, and  a roll in a muddy bit seems to be enough for most of the horses - they are  then waiting to come in!

Warwick on Saturday with Wildmoor Boy - a deep intake of breath as we set off at the last possible minute, to be at the course for as little time as possible!

An uneventful journey and an only quite warm horse as we arrived (as opposed to a dripping one!) and 'Mouse' also agreeing to stand in a stable for about 10 minutes - progress!! Getting the saddle on was as difficult as ever, but he was then relatively well behaved in the paddock. Megan & Ceris dong their usual sterling work in hanging onto him, and as always once out on the track he was a good boy. 

We are so limited as to where we can go with him it was not really ideal for him to be lumping round a huge weight, but it was either that or stay at home. Given a super ride by Charlie he jumped and travelled really well in ground that we were nervous about for him. Made all until just getting collared at the last - stayed on really gamely although tired up the run in. Really delighted with the run - brave little horse - and also that he seems to be starting to cope better with the preliminaries. Long way to go but at least improving!

Great to see most of the Park Lane Partnership here yesterday to have a small celebration of Bally Lagans win at Leicester last week - a really nice group who have had to wait a fair while for his win! Shares available in Bally Lagan - do call if you would like to get involved with this friendly bunch!! 


Exeter tomorrow with Dontminddboys, possibly Newbury Wednesday and Ludlow Thursday this week. 



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