Monday, 20 March 2017 09:54

Cheltenham Week!

Just about finding the energy to type today after an absolutely manic week!

Warwick on Monday to start the week off - Timons Tara finishing 4th. Perhaps a shade disappointing, BTO for Ceris. 

Cheltenham its usual incredible spectacle, which we were expecting to be spectators only this year! Thomas Crapper our only entry & needing in excess of 50 to come out for him to get a run! A casual look at the declaration list and about a dozen counts to 24, confirmed we were in! Charlie straight into the bath to do 10st 1lb!!

Cheltenham very accommodating re badges, and could not have been more helpful in getting everyone in. A good turnout of Crappers - which was great considering it was such short notice!!

Crappy always a fan of the big occasion, and did not let us down again. Given a super ride by Charlie, he was foot perfect and came there with every chance, just getting done for toe up the run in to finish a very, very respectable fourth.

The winner probably a very well handicapped horse, and we could not be prouder of TC. He was completely convinced that all the applause in the winners enclosure was solely for him!

Three festival runs, and three placed efforts - well done Crappy

Happy to say he's fine after and is entitled to have a few days out to play.

Thank you for all the messages & good wishes both before & after the race - he certainly has a fan club!

Several owners here through the week before racing, including John Porter back from his travels, Kevin Bacon (Donntminddboys), Mel Waller & Mark Mathews, (Get Involved & Some Finish) and also Jane Nicholls, who came to see Myroundorurs & Oneida Tribe. 

The B & B full up with race goers, so plenty of breakfasts to cook this week!

No time to pause for breath after the festival & off to Kempton on Saturday with Get Involved. GI has been a cause for concern all winter, for a variety of reasons. He was not himself at all, and ran accordingly. Parting company with Charlie twice when not jumping well, then pulling up. However a few days hunting and a change of routine seems to have done the trick, and a much improved run at Newbury last time was followed up by a very much improved run on Saturday to finish third. Jumping for fun with ears pricked, he looked to be loving it. He finished third which we were all thrilled with! Safe to say the horse we thought we had, is back!

Delighted for The Point of Attack Partnership, who have been SO patient with him, and allowed us the time to get him right.

No runners yesterday but a 4am start to go eventing - back at 9pm, and no pause for breath through the day!! We think racing is a mad world - at least we rarely get days that long! 

Southwell today with Vocaliser and hoping to put his Newbury run behind him.

The rest of the week looks equally busy - Wetherby & Exeter tomorrow, Warwick Wednesday.



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