Friday, 14 April 2017 11:02

Winner # 17

We all need a bit of luck in this life, and for once a bit came our way yesterday at Towcester!

We have had our fair share of frustrations at the track, but plotting a path down the inner on Some Finish yesterday proved fortuitous for Charlie.

Some Finish has been a bit of a mystery this season, with some very uninspiring runs, so a complete change of plan was on the cards, with the head gear off and hold up tactics!

Only three runners so what happened at the second fence was somewhat surprising - the leader tried to stop, lay all over the fence, then fell over it and brought the only other runner down!! (actually a horrible pile up, and glad to see all concerned walk away) This left Sam & Charlie in stately isolation, but with nearly three miles and fifteen fences to jump all alone! A daunting prospect for them both, although Sam did not seem at all bothered and had a nice canter round with a schooling session thrown in! Well done Charlie on completion of a tricky task!

They got an enormous cheer as they jumped the last, and Sam was happy to record his third victory!

Winner number 17 for us - don't care how they come, a winners a winner!

Garrahalish had run earlier and ran a nice race to be 2nd after six months off the track, slightly out paced three out, he got his second wind and ran on to be second.

The ground was quick yesterday and we did have dilemmas about running at all, however the chase track was better than the hurdles, which was frankly awful, and Robin took Celestial Chimes out to save her for another day.

Great to hear the horn tooting as the team got back last night - thanks to Brian Wilson for taking them as our big lorry was off eventing training!

Clean sweep for Harriet T & Ceris on the BTO front, with both horses looking immaculate, and some nice comments from Matt Chapman about how well out team turn out every runner.

flat racing tomorrow and then lots of entries for next week, could do with some rain, everywhere getting very firm, very quickly.

VERY cold up on top of the hill here today for the annual Easter Egg Hunt! (yes you did read that correctly) Tougher this yea, as costume effort required prior to said hunt! Easter Bunnys & Chicks all riding out today!

Pictorial evidence to follow! 


Happy Easter to everyone - hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!

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